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Cool Brew Ltd – Kent Ltd’s – Accounting Assignment

Task: 1

A newly established brewing company in Sydney, Cool Brew Ltd, produces its main product, Cool Bay Draught, in 300 millilitre bottles.

There are two production departments: Mixing and Bottling. The manufacturing costs for each department during March 2013 were tabulated below.

Cool Brew Ltd

In March 2013, Cool Brew Ltd produced 4 800 litres of Cool Bay Draught that was bottled into 160 000 bottles.

There were no beginning and ending work-in-process inventories.

1. Calculate the cost per bottle for Cool Bay Draught
2.Prepare the journal entries to record the production costs for March 2013, assuming that the costs of Mixing and Bottling Departments are charged to their respective work-in- process inventory accounts.

Task: 2

During October 2013, Kent Ltd’s material purchases amounted to 6 000 kilograms at a price of $7.40/kg.

Actual costs incurred in the production of 2 000 units were as follows.

Kent Ltd’s

The standards for one unit of Kent Ltd’s product are as follows.

Kent Ltd’s

Calculate the following variances and indicate whether each variance is favourable or unfavourable:

1. Direct material price variance
2. Direct material usage variances
3. Direct labour rate variance
4. Direct labour efficiency variance.

Task: 3

Sam, the manager of a local ice cream shop called Super Scooper, is disappointed at the loss- making financial performance of his newly created fresh fruit juice counter.

Sam has prepared following financial analysis for the year just ended.

Super Scooper,Super Scooper,

1. Evaluate Sam’s financial analysis for the year just ended
2. Provide a correct profit and loss analysis to financially assess whether the fresh fruit juice counter should be continued.

Task: 4

ABC Ltd has provided the following data relating to its two most popular models of an electronic product.

Super Scooper,

The fixed manufacturing overhead component included in the above unit costs is $20 per machine hour.

On the very first day of June, a major piece of manufacturing equipment was damaged. It would take two weeks for replacement parts to arrive from Switzerland.

Consequently, there would be only 60 000 machine hours available in June to manufacture the two models of the electronic product.

1. Given the limited machine hours available in June, conduct an appropriate financial analysis.
2. Based on the above financial analysis, determine how many units of each product should be produced in that month to maximise ABC Ltd’s profitability.

Humanities And Community Arts – Solar Nebula Theory – Exceptions To The Rules – Solar System Assignment


1 . Which of the following statements is true?

Select one:

  • Most planets rotate on their axes in roughly the same sense as Jupiter.
  • The Kuiper belt is a collection of asteroid-sized rocky bodies orbiting beyond Saturn.
  • Asteroids are very old and exhibit a range of properties not characteristic of the planets or their moons.
  • Most of the known moons revolve about their parent planet in the opposite direction as the planet rotates on its axis

2.  Which planet would have formed from a planetesimal in which metal had condensed early in its formation?

Select one:

  • Earth
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus

3. Why was the passing star hypothesis eventually rejected as a plausible explanation for the birth of our solar system?

4. How do the atmospheres of the terrestrial planets compare to the atmospheres of the Jovian planets?

5. Explain the model for the formation of the Jovian planets’ moons.

6. Between which two present-day planetary objects does the frost line lie?

Select one:

  • between the sun and Mercury
  • between Neptune and Pluto
  • between Mars and Jupiter
  • between Earth and Mars

7. Which is the correct order of planetary object class during their formation?

Select one:

  • planetesimals, protoplanets, planets
  • planets, planetesimals, protoplanets
  • planetesimals, planets, protoplanets
  • protoplanets, planetesimals, planets

8. Besides the terrestrial and Jovian planets, what other bodies orbit the sun?

Select one:

  • planet satellites
  • clouds of dust and gas
  • comets and asteroids
  • meteors and meteorites

9. Which lies farthest away from the sun?

Select one:

  • Pluto
  • Neptune
  • Kuiper belt
  • Oort cloud

10. Which is a shared characteristic of both Venus and Uranus?

Select one:

  • They have the same mass.
  • They both have rocky surfaces.
  • They both have a horizontal axis.
  • Their axes have high inclinations.

11. What can we learn by applying comparative analysis to the planets of our solar system?

12. What percentage of the solar nebula is made up of hydrogen and helium gas?

Select one:

  • 2%
  • 76%
  • 98%
  • 100%

13. Summarize the solar nebula theory.

14. What is the eccentricity of the planetary orbits?

Select one:

  • three
  • two
  • near one
  • near zero

15. Why are the planets of the solar system differentiated?

Select one:

  • The light elements in the inner solar system were carried off as comets.
  • The heavy elements in the outer solar system sank to the center.
  • The light elements in the inner solar system fell into the sun.
  • Only rocky and metallic particles could form so near the sun.

16. Which of the planets are classified as terrestrial and which are classified as Jovian? What are the distinct characteristics of these two types of planets? Explain how this distinction occurred during solar system formation.

17. Which statement is correct about solar system densities?

Select one:

  • Denser planets lie closer to the sun.
  • Asteroids all have about the same density.
  • In differentiated bodies, the denser material lies near the surface.
  • Planetary density increases the farther the planet’s distance from the sun.

18. Describe at least two “exceptions to the rules” that we find in our solar system.

19. During which step of solar system formation does the kinetic energy of particles convert to thermal energy?

Select one:

  • condensing
  • flattening
  • spinning
  • heating

20. What are the six steps in the formation of a solar system?

21. What does “planetesimals” actually mean?

Select one:

  • “moon-sized planets”
  • “pieces of planets”
  • “small planets”
  • “planet-ettes”

22. How did the temperature structure of the solar nebula determine planetary composition?

23. Why are astronomers confident of the solar nebula theory?

Select one:

  • Astronomers have located similar disks of matter around other stars.
  • Astronomers have generated numerous experiments proving the theory correct.
  • Astronomers have been unable to come up with any other theory to prove otherwise.
  • Astronomers have found meteorite pieces on Earth that provide evidence of the theory.

24. Where did most of the interplanetary fragments in the outer solar system get flung to by the larger gas planets?

Select one:

  • Kuiper belt
  • Oort cloud
  • asteroid belt
  • as orbiting moons

25. As a rotating gas cloud contracts, it spins faster due to

Select one:

  • gravity.
  • conservation of energy.
  • Newton’s laws of motion.
  • conservation of angular momentum.

Leadership – Leader-Member Exchange – Psychological Capital – Essay Writing Assignment


What is the relationship between authentic leadership, Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and employees’ Psychological Capital (PsyCap)? Critically review the literature that explains how to build the Psychological Capital of some different types of employees (such as professionals versus administrative employees, emotional labour, blue collar versus white collar employees, different generational cohort, and/or different ethnicities)? Why do emotions (of for example leaders, managers, employees) significantly impact employees’ performance?

Analyse the leadership and/or employee performance (such as their engagement, turnover, commitment, wellbeing) at your workplace and compare it with the positive leadership and Psychological Capital literature.  How similar or different is your workplace from what is potentially possible as per recent research studies? Please consider some different types of employees (such as professionals versus administrative employees, emotional labour, blue collar versus white collar employees, different generational cohorts, and/or different ethnicities). Use the positive leadership and/or Psychological Capital literature to suggest how to move your workplace towards being more effective?

Law Of Contract – To My Mind It Is A Mistake – For Sale Barristers Assignment


“To my mind it is a mistake to think that all contracts can be analysed into the form of offer and acceptance.  I know in some of the textbooks it has been the custom to do so; but, as I understand the law, there is no need to look for a strict offer and acceptance.  You should look at the correspondence as a whole and at the conduct of the parties and see therefrom whether the parties have come to an agreement on everything that was material…” (per Lord Denning, Gibson v Manchester City Council [1978] 1 WLR 220, at 523)

With reference to the above statement, outline the main rules of offer and acceptance and critically assess whether the law in this area is sufficiently clear, supporting your answer with appropriate case authority and commentary.


After twenty years as a barrister, Michael has decided to do something different and set up an outdoor adventure centre.  To raise money for the centre, he decides to sell his wig and gowns.  He places the following advertisement on

For sale barristers’ wig and gown, excellent condition £700 o.n.o [or nearest offer].

Two days later, 2nd September, Richard telephoned Michael and offered £600.  Michael said that as this was the first call he had had, he would think about it and let him know at the end of the week.  When he put the phone down he saw that he had received an email from Joe saying that he would be happy to pay £650.  Michael replies saying that he will accept £680.  Joe replies accepting but asks if he can pay in two instalments.  In the middle of typing a reply to say that he requires the full amount in one payment, Andrew telephoned saying he would like to buy the wig and gown for his daughter Jodie who was just about to start pupillage.  As they were chatting, they realised they had been at law school together and Michael offered the wig and gown for £650.  Just as Andrew told Michael he would pay the full amount in cash, a delivery arrived of flyers for the outdoor centre and Michael, distracted, did not hear Andrew and told him he would call him back later.

Michael is busy with the marketing material for the outdoor adventure centre and decides to finalise the sale of the wig and gown in a few days.  On 5th September whilst at work he receives an email from Richard saying he will pay the full £700 and asking when he can collect and an email from Joe requesting details of his Paypal account so that he can pay his first instalment.  Just as he is thinking about what to do, Andrew arrives with £650 in cash saying that he has come to collect the wig and gown.

Michael intends to have a tree-top climbing activity at his adventure centre and would like an established company to provide this.  He writes to ‘Go Wild’, ‘Crazy Climbers’ and ‘Aim High’ (see Appendix).  ‘Crazy Climbers’ and ‘Aim High’ submitted their tenders on 15th September but ‘Go Wild’, who had done a trial session with Michael, did not submit their tender until 4.30pm on the 16th.  Michael was so excited to receive the first two tenders, he forgot to check the box on the 16th and, assuming ‘Go Wild’ were late, did not consider it.  He awarded the contract to ‘Aim High’.  ‘Go Wild’ are furious and say they will sue Michael for breach of contract.

To raise awareness of the new centre, Michael decides to run a promotion at the University of Brighthove.  He puts posters up in the Student Union stating that for any student who takes part in the Brighthove marathon, he will provide a free 5-day course at the centre.  The posters show a photograph of the new centre and people doing kayaking; canyoning; paddle-boarding and rock-climbing.  Cara sees the poster and decides to run the marathon, which she does successfully.  Zoe runs the marathon too.  She hadn’t seen the poster but Cara tells her about the free course after they finish.  Toby also saw the poster and decided to run the marathon but he overslept and was late starting.  Michael, on realising that more students were participating than he thought, went to the starting-line with a loud-hailer, announcing that the offer was withdrawn.  After he had run about 500 metres Toby heard the announcement but decided to carry on anyway.  Zoe and Cara had already started and did not hear the announcement.  Cara, Zoe and Toby have all contacted Michael to ask for details of the free 5-day course.

Advise Michael as to his legal position in respect of the wig and gown, ‘Go Wild’ and the free 5-day course, supporting your answer with appropriate authorities.

Manage System Security – Monitor System Tools And Procedures – Vendor Web Sites Assignment


  1. Research for vendor web sites and documentation, security specialists and other organisational reviews that provide real-world security benchmarks related to your selected risk.  Summarise your findings, providing references where possible.  Write at least two paragraphs for each.
  2. Describe how you will;
  3. Update security and privacy policy: who can update the policy and how often?
  4. Maintain the backup sites: who will be responsible for building and maintaining the backup sites?
  • Monitor high-risk categories at specified periods

Categorise and record system breakdowns

Project Plan – Ted Talk Proposal Report – Predictive Analytics Assignment


What is the relationship between views and duration

Why: We are interested in investigating this issue to find out if the duration of the video affects the amount of views that it has.

Does the type of tag affects the amount of views?

Why: We are interested in finding if the topics covered in the talk affect the amount of views it has.

What are the comparison of Weekdays and Non-Weekdays in views?

Why: We want to know if the day of video is published affect number of views

(popularity of video).

General Writing – Feature Story In Weeks – I broke The Contract


Identify a published feature story in Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6

Identify an original feature story idea in Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6

Complete feature-writing exercises in Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6

Comprehensive Health Strategies – Industry Sector Analysis – Australian Healthcare Assignment


Students are to investigate an industry segment of the Australian healthcare sector and examine and evaluate its model of operations and growth over the last 10 years. Recommended industry segments include:

  • General public or private hospitals
  • General practices
  • Specialist medical services
  • Pathology or diagnostic imaging services
  • Dentistry or other related services
  • Allied healthcare services
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Aged care

However, students are encouraged to determine the scope of their analysis in consultation with their lecturer. Assessments 2 and 3 will build on the initial analysis undertaken in Assessment 1.

The industry analysis must be in report form, and should present appropriate criteria or business analysis tools as a framework in which to identify and analyse the challenges and opportunities confronting the segment. It should draw from a range of government and academic sources, as well as industry reports. It should cover:

  • A definition of the industry, outlining its main activities
  • An overview of the competitive landscape, identifying and describing major competitors or organisations within the segment and their business models
  • Industry trends, presenting an overview of operating conditions and factors influencing operating conditions
  • Ethical issues faced within the industry

Your analysis should focus on the environmental factors influencing operations within the sector. The report may also include charts or diagrams, which are not included in the word count.

Managerial Finance -Aust Defence Supplies Inc – CFO – Case Assignment


You are the CFO of Aust Defence Supplies Inc – a mature publicly listed Australian firm supplying low technology products for use in the defence forces, and to the camping and hiking leisure market. The business has several divisions based around Brisbane, with their head offices in South Brisbane.

The last annual report and market data provides the following information regarding the financial structure of the company. The liabilities of Aust Defence Supplies include:

  • 1,000 unsecured notes on issue, and a $100-dollar coupon payment ($50 paid semi-annually). The notes mature in 11 years, and the current trading price on the note is $980; the face value is $1,000.
  • 900 debentures which mature in 8 years and have a current market price of $1,115. The debentures have a face value of $1,000 and pay a coupon payment of $112 annually.
  • 2,500 issued shares of preferred stock, with current market price of $94.50 and paying a dividend of $12.10
  • 70,000 ordinary shares with a current market price is $44. The company has picked up some contracts over the last few years, with growth in earnings, averaging 8.2 per cent per year. It is expected with current opportunities that this might continue for two more years, but then slow to 3 or 4%. The company directors have just declared a dividend of $4.34 per share for the last 12 months.

The Reserve Bank has suggested that inflation rates are expected to be stable at about 2%. The company tax rate faced by Aust Defence Supplies is 27.5%.


Part 1:

What is the cost of capital of Aust Capital Supplies?

Part 2:

You have received a confidential envelope. It contains a draft of a competitive bid notification for a contract to supply duffel canvas to the Australian Navy. The cover memo from Aust Defence Supplies’ CEO David Sharpe asks you to review the bid before it is submitted.

The bid and its supporting documents have been prepared by Aust Defence Supplies’ sales staff. It calls for Aust Defence Supplies to supply 100,000 metres of duffel canvas per year for 5 years. The proposed selling price is fixed at $30 per metres.

You are not usually involved in sales, but this bid was unusual in a few ways. First, if accepted by the navy, it would commit Aust Defence Supplies to a fixed-price, long-term contract. Second, producing the duffel canvas would require an investment of $1.5 million to purchase machinery and to refurbish Aust Defence Supplies’ small building/plant at the Port of Brisbane. You have also collected over the last week the following facts:

  • The plant at the Port of Brisbane had been built in the mid 1900s and is now idle, as the company had refocussed on providing higher value add products. The plant is fully

depreciated on Aust Defence Supplies’ books, except for the purchase cost of the land (in 1962) of $30,000.

  • Recognising that the land was valuable shorefront property, you think the land and the idle plant could be sold, immediately or in the near future, for $800,000.
  • Refurbishing the plant would cost $500,000. It would be expensed with a depreciation life of 10 years.
  • The new machinery would cost $1 million.
  • The refurbished plant and new machinery would last for many years. However, the remaining market for duffel canvas is small, and it was not clear that additional orders could be obtained once the navy contract is finished. The machinery will be custom-built and can be used only for duffel canvas. Its second-hand value at the end of 5 years is probably zero.
  • Mr Sharpe thought that working capital would average about 10 percent of sales.
  • Metres sold and price per metre would be fixed by the duration of the contract.
  • Cost of goods includes fixed cost of $300,000 per year plus variable costs of $18 per metre. Costs are expected to increase at the inflation rate.
  • Depreciation: A $1 million investment in machinery is depreciable straight-line over 5 years ($200,000 per year). The $500,000 cost of refurbishing the Port of Brisbane plant is depreciable straight-line over 10 years.

A second envelope has also arrived from the company’s Business Development Manager (Liping Xiao). It contains what Ms Xiao described as a firm offer from a real estate developer to purchase the Port of Brisbane land and plant for $1.5 million in cash – but you have noticed that the offer was subject to Council approval for development of the land as waterfront (or close to) apartments.

Should you recommend submitting the bid for this competitive tender to the Navy at the proposed price of $30 per metre, or make a counter offer? Comment on critical issues to be considered, including the offer from the real estate developer. Given the nature of the sales contract with the Navy, the sales aspect is low risk and therefore it is considered that the discount rate could be 2% below the company cost of capital.

Part 3:

The company has an existing operation making portable utensils and products for mobile use and currently uses an injection moulding machine that was purchased two years ago. This machine is being depreciated on straight line basis over eight years; it has six years of remaining life, and its current book value is $430,000. The machine currently could be sold for $46,000. A replacement machine can be purchased that has a cost of $1,200,000, an estimated useful life of six years, and an estimated salvage value of $150,000. This machine can be depreciated for tax purposes over a five- year straight-line schedule. The division manager expects, but is not strongly certain that the replacement machine would permit an output expansion of 11,500 units in the first year, 12,500 units in the second year and 14,000 thereafter – from the current output of 111,080 units – and you can sell all you make at the current price of $21 per unit. Even so, one of the big advantages of the machine is its greater operating efficiency. Again, without great certainty, the managing director expects to save $2.25 per unit in current dollars off the current operating costs over the longer term, but in the first year the saving would only be $1.50 per unit (while the workers learn to use the machine). The new machine would require inventories to be increased by $300,000, but accounts payable would simultaneously increase by $100,000.

As you are the CFO, you are required to determine whether the company should undertake the replacement? Given the uncertainty you are also required to provide insight into how the uncertain factors impact on your recommendation.

Annotated Bibliography – Engineering Research – Literature Assessment


In this assessment task you will be required to conduct a literature search on a self-proposed topic within the
scope of engineering to produce an annotated bibliography. This bibliography will be based on the systematic
and explicit identification, evaluation and interpretation of the existing engineering research related to your topic.
In order to be successful, you will: demonstrate digital literacy skills, access the most relevant and up-to-date
literature associated with your topic and disseminate it in a fashion which clearly and explicitly discusses the
literature found. When conducting this work, you should primarily consider content from peer-reviewed journal
and conference articles; however, you may also consult: patents, government manuals and reports, authentic
internet resources, various standards (including Australian standards) and published posters, provided they are
credible sources and their use can be justified. Your paper should demonstrate the correct use of citations and
a subsequent reference list, according to engineering research standards.

This assessment item should form the basis for your research toward preparing Assessment Item 2. It is
strongly advised that you work on both assessment items simultaneously.

The marks for Assessment Item 1 will be broken down as follows:

• Introduction

– Has introduced an engineering topic well and concisely (only introduces 1 topic, uses literature, is
pitched at an appropriate level)
– Written using appropriate technical language
– Is of appropriate length

• Each Bibliography Item of a Credible Reference

– Introduction sentence which clearly states the aim of the paper
– A clear description of the methodology the paper employs
– A short discussion of the contribution the paper made to the field
– The paper is relevant to the topic and is appropriate (i.e. up-to-date and from a credible resource)                              – The item is of appropriate length

• The document is well formatted and used a consistent font and style