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Actual Market Research: Market Failure- How to Avoid- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment:

Topic: “Describe 2 actual market research failures critically, and how they can be avoided”

Mental Health, Disability & Rehabilitation- Essay Writing Assignment Help

Essay Writing Assignment Help:


ASSIGNMENT 3 Essay (50% of topic)
1. This assignment involves a 2500 word essay which explores a selected mental health rehabilitation issue. Select one topic presented over the semester or otherwise of interest to you (eg mental health and youth; mental health and employment; a particular mental health issue for a specific client group – for further discussion).
2. Your essay should reflect a critical exploration of the readings and other material presented and researched. As part of this investigation, your essay should demonstrate awareness of yourself and your personal values and beliefs. In the recovery/rehabilitation context, consideration should be given to holistic awareness of the impact on the lives of people who experience mental health issues.

The following sub-headings should be used to guide your work (adapt assignment guidelines as sub-headings):
1. Introduction
2. Key aspects of the mental health issue and its impact
3. Rehabilitation, recovery and social inclusion challenges and approaches
4. Awareness of personal values/beliefs and – where applicable – experiences and how these could influence your work practice
5. Conclusion

This is an academic paper with a focus on mental health and rehabilitation. Accordingly, content and writing style should reflect this, and must be supported by at least 10 academic references, including a minimum of 5 or more sourced in researching and preparing your

6. i.e. you can incorporate some of the references provided for the topic, and this is encouraged as evidence of your engagement with and integration of these sources with new material you have found in preparing your assignment.

International Business Research- RESIT Coursework- Essay Writing Assignment Help

Essay Writing Assignment Help:


The aim of the assignment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your research skills and your ability to identify and critically evaluate your findings. Your research provides the evidence to support your argument on the topic and your sources must be relevant, current and reliable.

Please choose from one of the two titles below and answer as an essay referring to the literature below and other literature, evidence and explanations you have gathered.

1. Does nationality matter in eco-behaviour among consumers?
a. Identify factors that influence eco-behaviour in consumers – especially asking yourself: how important a factor is a nationality compared to other
factors – by critically reviewing articles discussing these factors among consumers from different countries. For your critical argument, refer to the
articles below and other current articles (2013 and upwards). Remember there might not be a clear-cut answer in the literature.
b. Furthermore, critically evaluate these differences in marketing practices using literature, evidence and explanations from the below articles and from those that you have gathered.

International Business Practice- The Global 3D Printing Industry- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment:


According to PWC, the 3D Printing industry is predicted to grow significantly from around $2.5b in 2013 to $16.2bn by 2018. Printers are getting faster and more affordable and the key industry players have invested a great deal in R&D. As some patents have expired, the global open-source has also made some refinements and improvements and widened the appeal and adaptation of 3D printing technology. Like the Internet, digital and e-commerce environment of the 1990’s, it appears that the 3D printing sector is gathering pace to produce one of the most potentially
disruptive technologies of the 21 st century. While the 3D printing industry has slowed, it is undergoing significant changes and global corporations outside the industry are also considering entering in the future because of the huge potential.

According to the 3D Systems case study, 3DS has made over 30 international acquisitions by 2014 (16 in 2011 alone). Other sources claim 3DS has now accumulated as much as 50 acquisitions by 2015 1 . There is strong evidence of consolidation in the 3D printing industry and 3DS have demonstrated a very aggressive acquisitions culture. According to AT Kearney the next natural evolution in a globalising industry like 3D Printing is merger strategy.

Critically discuss whether a leading company like 3DS should now consider a merger strategy 2 or seek an alternative way to consolidate and grow its global 3D printing business.

In your answer you should consider the following:

  • The merits of continuing an aggressive acquisitions strategy of smaller companies
  • What type of merger partners would create greater global influence in the industry for 3DS?
  • Are there viable strategic alternatives to merging?
  • Use of relevant academic theories, concepts and practical evidence from both the supplied case and further secondary research.

Support Planning for Geriatric and Mental Health Conditions- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment:


Question 1:

Analyse the impacts that “Person Centered Care” may have in relation to the common geriatric and mental health conditions on the different types of health service provisions. Consider any five the following areasto focus into your analysis:

a) General Practice


f) Dentistry
b) Hospital Services


g) Podiatry
c) Residential Aged Care


h) Community Home Care
d) Respite Care


i) Independent Living
e) Physiotherapy


j) Psychogeriatric Care

Question 2:

Assess and analyse the impacts the current legislative framework has on the geriatric services,management and geriatric support organisations to maintain the healthcare ethics,codes, and best practices. Considerthe following Acts in your analysis:

  1. Code of Rights Regulations 1996
  2. Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001
  3. Social Security Act 1964
  4. Public Health and Disability Act 2000
  5. Privacy Act 1993 or Human Rights Act 1993

Question 3: 750 words – 15 marks

Analyse the impacts of code of ethics (Healthcare) andcode of conduct (Nursing)on eldercare andthe significance of evidence-based research (EBP) on organisational protocols, policies and practices in geriatric support organisations.

Question 4:

Building from your analysis and information you gathered above in relation to the support services to the individuals with common geriatric and mental health conditions (Dementia), choose to focus any one of the geriatric service provision to critically analyse at least one major gap or shortfall impacting quality care and develop a quality improvement framework using Six Sigma tools (DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) with an action plan to remedy the gap or shortfall, improving the geriatric service delivery and provide a justification summary for the strategic action steps you have taken into your strategic action plan.

Justice and change in the global world: ASYLUM SEEKERS- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment:



Evaluating and Using Research in Applied Social Studies- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment:


You are required to write a 2000 word essay which critically analyses the following two journal articles:

Qualitative journal article:
McKeown, J., Ryan, T., Ingleton, C., and Clarke, A., 2015, ‘You have to be mindful of whose story it is’: The challenges of undertaking life story work with people with dementia and their families. Dementia. 14 (2) pp.238-256


Quantitative journal article:
Milne, A., Guss, R., and Russ, A., 2014, Psycho-educational support for relatives of people with a recent diagnosis of mild to moderate dementia: An evaluation of a ‘Course for Carers’. Dementia. 13(6) pp.768–787

Tropical Forests and Savannas- Sustainable Management of Tropical Ecosystems- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment:


1. Outline current and future threats to the long-term sustainability and provision of ecosystem services from tropical savannas and rainforests.

2. How can we improve the management of their ecosystem services, given increasing pressures being placed on natural resources?

Mental health and wellness- Subjective Well-Being- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment:


Research on the topic of “subjective well-being” is burgeoning. Define the concept of “subjective well-being”, and examine its‟ relationship to social well-being. Consider evidence for the correlates of well-being over the expected span of a person‟s life and make an assessment of what is viewed as important.

Media Cultures & Industries: Affect of Technology on Kids- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay Writing Assignment:


We want you to write an essay because we believe essays are effective ways of using a range of research to help you unpack your ideas, and what you think about them, in a rich amount of valuable detail.

In this essay, you need to combine one idea from the first section of the unit (weeks 1-3) with one idea from the last part the unit (weeks 7-10). For example, you could connect ideas about race with those of AI or machine learning; or you could connect ideas about platforms with violence. Don’t worry: we will explain in class in week 12 what we mean by “connecting ideas.”

It is important that you do your own research here to explore these connections. The material we cover in class, in lecture content and in readings, will offer you a good starting point only.

It will be worthwhile revisiting the materials on the Communication Academic Literacy website and the library’s excellent guides on doing research and finding appropriate resources. The library also has excellent guides on academic writing and information and guides on how to reference correctly.