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Science and Art “Selecting the most effective strategy is the science of conflict management; applying it skillfully is the art.” What do we need to do, in order to achieve the knowledge and attain the skills of Conflict Resolution Management (CRM)?

Discuss in your answer the different types of conflict: Personal, Substantive, etc. Part II: Interpersonal Conflicts Some sources of Interpersonal Conflicts, are: a. Personal differences (needs, wants) b. Having to coexist in close proximity c. Limited resources d. The quest for power and dominance e. Differences in beliefs and color (ethnic, race, religion) Choose one of the above (if possible a different item from other postings) and explain if it can be overcome. Can we bridge the difference stemming from this type of source, or is it a lost cause’?

Explain how you would implement your evaluation design within an official policy evaluation.

Be sure to include specific examples from the course readings, academic research and professional experience. Provide a rationale for your implementation choices, including examples and references. Explain how you would address validity threats, particularly internal validity (plausible rival hypothesis). Provide a rationale for these plans, including any expected outcomes, using examples and references.

Write a paper using Occidental Aerospace and Standard Machine Corporation as your examples and explain pricing approaches. Which approach is Standard Machine Corp. using.?

Read the case study: The Case of the Pricing Predicament (link below). Is this approach the best approach? Analyze the sales pitch provided by Scott Palmer to the buyer, Joanne Braker. Is Scott’s communication effective? If you were sales manager Tony Della Pena, what would you recommend and why? In your analysis and evaluation, be sure to discuss and reference concepts from the textbook and required readings. Complete additional research in the CSU-Global library. Your paper should be two to three pages in length, not including the cover and references pages, and conform to APA standards. Required Reference: Tanner, J. F., & Raymond, M. A. (2014). Principles of Marketing (2nd ed.). Washington, DC: Flatworld Knowledge Inc.

If you had to summarize in ordinary language the concept of “gender as structure,” what would you say?

Consider Judith Lorbers article, “Night to His Day: The Social Construction of Gender,” which was assigned reading for this module. Carefully address the following two questions: (How would you explain “gender as a social institution” to a relative or a friend?) How did Judith Lorber demonstrate the different significance gender categories have for the individual and society? (Hint: It may help to recall Lorber’s discussions of “sameness” and “difference.”) Your assignment should be a paper 2-3 pages long, not including the required title and reference pages. Adhere to APA standards. Required Reference: Lorber, J. (1994). Night to his day: The social construction of gender. In Paradoxes of gender. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. Retrieved from

How is ADHD distinguished from other disorders? b. How often does it occur and what are its correlates?

How do we know it when we see it? Discuss assessment and diagnosis of the problem/disorder. Use DSM 5 criteria (where applicable). Discuss prevalence rates for children and demographic risk factors (i.e., age, gender, ethnicity, SES). c. What is the hypothesized cause and expected course of the disorder/problem? Discuss causal factors, duration, recurrence rates, long-term risks in adulthood associated with the problem itself and/or treatment side effects (e.g., iatrogenic effects of medications). d. What does society think and do? Discuss the stereotypes or judgments that people might make about individuals with this presenting problem and their families. How would you approach parents who do not want to medicate their child? Conversely, how would you approach parents who view medication as the answer to their problems? e. What makes working with an MFT for treatment of ADHD a good option for parents? How is this different than simply going to the doctor for medication? Support your presentation with at least three scholarly resources

Summarize the differences including which is more supply (production) oriented and which is demand (consumption) oriented. Which does the US seem to favor? This amateur video summarizes the long standing debate between the Classical (Hayek) and Keynesian economist. Please answer the following questions in your paper: Given what youve learned thus far about how both fiscal (T and G) and monetary (Investment via interest rates) policies work on the macro economy, what do you foresee happening from here? I can review your rough draft if you email it at least a few days before it is due. This is for content only; it is your responsibility to use the ASC and other resources available to you in order to prepare a college level report. Requirements: Paper must be between 500-650 words. MLA format required – All sources of information should be cited, including the text and the video. Direct definitions, phrases, and ideas should be quoted as well as cited. Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and will result in a zero for this assignment. You will only be allowed to submit accepted file types (.doc, .docx, .rtf). Please note that the assignment drop box will open the day before the assignment is due. You have an additional week after it is due to turn it in late for reduced points. Common Mistakes: Not citing all information that is not common knowledge and MLA requires in text cites. Also, your paragraphs need to change with each new subject or train of thought. For the assessment part of the report, not being specific. From the macro equilibrium equation, what can and can’t be done by fiscal and monetary policy? Ask Yourself: What is the state of our economy (where are we on the business cycle)? What variables can be changed? You must consider the overall economy, for example, if you say growth is slow, G should be increased and T decreased.

Does this differ from what economists would think?

Will you keep watching? Netflix raises prices again MUST READ ARTICLE BELOW FIRST: APA format, 3 references(US only), ONLY ONE PAGE 1. you must read the articles above (Netflix raises prices again) and provide a summary of the article in the opening paragraph. 2. In your second paragraph, you must explain an economic idea contained in this story. This should relate to something from the text book reading. Specifically, note how the economic idea plays a prominent role in the story. 3. In the third paragraph, you must explain what you think about the events in the story. You do not have to agree with what is going on, but you do need to provide your reaction to it. This is your chance to express yourself: what are your opinions? Be sure to defend your position. 4. Finally, what do you think is a Christian response to this situation? Provide details to support your view (in other words, do not just say Christians wouldnt act the same way as economists). Remember, you are expected to have two sources to support your post.

, 2018 Consider the significance of this issue or problem. Generate at least five questions that relate to the issue which you have identified.

Formulating a question that targets the goal of your research is a challenging but essential task. The question plays a crucial role in all other aspects of the research, including the determination of the research design and theoretical perspective to be applied, which data will be collected, and which tools will be used for analysis. It is therefore essential to take the time to ensure that the research question addresses what you actually want to study. Doing so will increase your likelihood of obtaining meaningful results. In this first component of the Course Project, you formulate questions to address a particular nursing issue or problem. You use the PICOT modelpatient/population, intervention/issue, comparison, and outcomeoutlined in the Learning Resources to design your questions. Introduction to Course Project To prepare: Review the article, Formulating the Evidence Based Practice Question: A Review of the Frameworks, found in the Learning Resources for this week. Focus on the PICOT model for guiding the development of research questions. Review the section beginning on page 71 of the course text, titled, Developing and Refining Research Problems in the course text, which focuses on analyzing the feasibility of a research problem. Reflect on an issue or problem that you have noticed in your nursing practice. Use the criteria in your course text to select one question that would be most appropriate in terms of significance, feasibility, and interest. Be prepared to explain your rationale. Formulate a preliminary PICO questionone that is answerablebased on your analysis. What are the PICO variables (patient/population, intervention/issue, comparison, and outcome) for this question? Note: Not all of these variables may be appropriate to every question. Be sure to analyze which are and are not relevant to your specific question. Using the PICOT variables that you determined for your question, develop a list of at least 10 keywords that could be used when conducting a literature search to investigate current research pertaining to the question. To complete: Write a 3- to 4-page paper that includes the following: A summary of your area of interest, an identification of the problem that you have selected, and an explanation of the significance of this problem for nursing practice The 5 questions you have generated and a description of how you analyzed them for feasibility Your preliminary PICOT question and a description of each PICOT variable relevant to your question At least 10 possible keywords that could be used when conducting a literature search for your PICOT question and a rationale for your selections

How would you determine if people in your community will be interested in your idea?

Week 4: Needs Assessments: Pre-Assessment and Assessment Week 4: Online Class In a perfect world, human and social services organizations would have unlimited human and financial resources. In many cases, just the opposite is true. Funding comes from tightly controlled and monitored government or private grant sources which impose constraints on both staff maintenance and programs offered. Human and social services professionals must carefully allocate funding and create programs that make the most efficient use of their budgets while meeting the greatest client needs. How can you find out what your clients needs are and how your current or future services will meet those needs? This week, you begin to explore a program planning and evaluation technique called needs assessment that will aid you in doing just that. In the Discussion, you apply the initial needs assessment steps to issues, and in this weeks Assignment you create your own needs assessment survey. You also take the first of four multiple-choice quizzes in the course. This weeks quiz is about sampling methods. Discussion: Pre-Assessment Before you open a new business in your community, you want to make sure that you will draw customers before you invest your money. Large corporations conduct various types of research activities before deciding to establish a business presence in a community. They conduct research to determine if there are enough qualified employees who could work at their business. They examine the level of income of residents to determine if people could afford their services. They also conduct focus group interviews and surveys to determine if people are interested in their services. Like large corporations, human and social services professionals should investigate the need for a program prior to implementation. Needs assessment is an initial step in program development. Just like the resources of a large corporation, human and social services resources (., clinical skills, funds, and time) need to be protected. Thus, program planners should strive to initiate programs that are clearly needed. The first phase of a needs assessment is pre-assessment. During this phase, program planners seek to discover the specific needs of their client populations. Imagine that in your community, you have observed that there are an increasing number of unaccompanied minors from Central American countries, or that there have been an increased number of heat-related fatalities among the aging population. It appears that there may be unmet service needs in your community, and a needs assessment can tell you more information about those needs and help inform your planning to meet them. The initial pre-assessment steps consist of planning who you need to target and how you will effectively gather the data and/or use existing data to inform your planning decisions. In this Discussion, you consider human and social services issues that might benefit from needs assessments and begin the initial steps of implementing one for an issue of your choice. To Prepare 1. Select an issue relevant to your professional interests that you believe would benefit from a needs assessment (MS in Gerontology). 2. Consider how you might go about implementing a needs assessment for this issue. Use the following questions to guide your thinking: Why do you believe a needs assessment is necessary? What is the target population you hope to gather data about? Are there existing data sources that you can use? Do you need to collect new data? If so, what methods will you use to collect it? 1. Post a description of the issue you selected. 2. Explain how a needs assessment would benefit this issue and contribute to social change. 3. Then explain the preliminary steps you might take to implement a needs assessment in this area. 4. Include the type of sampling you would use to find key stakeholders and why this type of sampling is appropriate. Discussion Rubric my instructor uses to grade our paper:

watch the video on ” John Maxwell The 5 levels of leadership”. It can be found on youtube. You will identify the major issues presented in this video. Discuss how you can apply this information to your own leadership style.

watch the video on ” John Maxwell The 5 levels of leadership”. It can be found on youtube. You will identify the major issues presented in this video. Discuss how you can apply this information to your own leadership style.