Master of Business Administration- Management Dissertation Assignment

Master of Business Administration- Management Dissertation Assignment

Management Dissertation Assignment:


Dissertation Title: Change Management in the Police: A Study of Police Control Rooms.

The chosen project for my dissertation was a case study on the Police in managing change during times of austerity with an emphasis on four key subjects: leadership, implementation, communication and resistance to change.

Academic Perspective
This study was primarily based on change management theory. There is a great deal of literature on this subject. However, my research was important as it provided knowledge to a limited field of study. This concerned downsizing and changes within the Police in an adverse economic climate. Thus, it extended the research carried out by Hesketh (2011) who examined transformational police needed during public sector cutbacks. One’s research linked in to this study and extended this by examining leadership, communication, resistance and implementation in one Police Force North Yorkshire Police in 2011 during the restructuring of the Force Control Rooms from two sites to one. This research was also the first of its kind extending the research on leadership to include the additional topics of resistance, communication and implementation.

Research Questions and Objectives
1. To examine the individual and organisational barriers to change within the NYP Control Room.
2. To investigate the process of change within NYP and establish acceptance/ resistance.
3. To evaluate the leadership during the changes.
4. To examine the effectiveness of communication during the process of change.
5. To assess the success of the changes and their implementation.
6. To propose recommendations for future changes within NYP.

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