Sociological Considerations in Counselling | Essay Assignment Help

Sociological Considerations in Counselling | Essay Assignment Help

Sociological Considerations in Counselling: Discuss the Main Factors Influencing Social and Personal Identity – Essay Assignment Help

This assessment must be written in an essay format, which will provide you with the opportunity to describe your understanding of the important socio-political, economic as well as cultural factors that influence and shape individual and social identity. The understanding and recognition of these influences on health care outcomes is important to effective practice by health care providers.

The essay will allow you to assess the prevalence and importance of these factors in contemporary Australian society and how they may relate to the provision of care services, especially those within the counselling context and with particular reference to Australian Indigenous populations.

The essay requires you to demonstrate your understanding of social diversity and assess its significance by citing relevant theory, specific concepts and real – world evidence. You should not only describe what you have learnt but also offer some commentary and interpretation as well, especially in relation to the professional counselling context.

The essay should have the following sub – sections:

  • An introduction to provide background information, a main idea around social diversity and general direction of the essay. The purpose of this section is to introduce the topic to be discussed and tell your reader what you are going to cover.
  • The main body of your essay should consist of several paragraphs that discuss the topic, including your ideas and arguments. These should relate to the topic question by describing the key factors that affect how we develop and express social and individual identity, such as how we become socialized and influences of economics and politics, education, religion, gender, health, etc.
  • A conclusion to draw your ideas together. This section “rounds off” your discussion of the topic and brings together all the information you have previously discussed in the essay.

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