Terms of Use

Every potential Customer is required to read the terms and conditions presented below prior to placing the Order. If the Customer feels that norms and rules set on this page contradict his/her personal beliefs, attitudes or views, it is advisable to abstain from using the service. Only people of majority age are allowed to purchase products on this Site. By placing the Order, the Customer automatically accepts terms under which the Company does business and cooperates with Customers. All Customers are requested to interact with the Company in strict compliance with the mentioned below conditions.


  • Company”, “Website” or “Site” refers to W4Writer.
  • Client” or “Customer” is a person who places Order(s) on W4Writer.
  • Writer” is a person contracted by the Company, who produces original research, writing, consultation, or editing services.
  • Order” is a technical term for a product (essay, term paper, dissertation etc.), the Customer`s primary goal in hiring our services.
  • Product” is a term that represents the piece of content and/or research completed according to the requirements of the Customer
  • Messaging System” is a term that defines a communication tool, developed by the Company that allows the Customer and the Writer to exchange messages.

Service we Provide

The Company provides freelance writing services to its Customers using independent contractors, or else Writers. The Customer provides the Company with Product specifications and timeframe for research and writing and the Company commits to complete the Product in the given timeframe according to the Customer requirements.

The Product the Customer gets as a result of cooperation with the Company is for personal, non-commercial use only. When uploading a final Product to the Website, the Writer performs a complete transfer of ownership and copyrights to the Company. The Product that the Customer receives is non-refundable and no warranties are given.

Copyright & Personal Use

The provided Products, additional files or communication threads that are a part of Product delivery can only be used as a sample for the Client`s own research. By placing the Order the Customer agrees not to sell, distribute, modify, publish the Product, additional content, communication threads or files related to the Product purchased on the Website. Should any of the instances above occur, legal actions initiated by the Company will follow. The Customer does not possess copyrights for the Product he/she receives therefore can not and will not present the Product as his/her own. The Company can not and will not be held accountable for any outcome of unauthorized Product usage. The Client takes full responsibility for the product and is obliged to protect the Company from any unauthorized use of the received Product.

Product delivery process

After the Customer places the Order, he/she is required to interact with the Website and communicate with his/her Writer to ensure Product delivery according to the specifications and within the desired timeframe. In order to successfully do so, the Customer has to ensure the following:

Functional hard – and software. The Client is responsible for ensuring uninterrupted operation of his/her computer or other electronic device, Internet, email server, etc. for the Order prodelivery. The Company will not be held responsible for unavailability of any of the mentioned above resources, that might prevent accurate Product delivery.

Constant cooperation with Writer. The Customer acknowledges that W4Writer is a freelance platform that encourages direct communication between Writer and Customer during the Product delivery via the Messaging System. The Client is responsible for monitoring his/her Order progress and updating the Writer with the information required for successful Order delivery. The Client understands that Messaging System does not entail instant chatting and it may take some time for the Writer to reply. To speed up the process, the Customer may always contact Support Team via email or create a query using tab ‘Support’ in their account.

Availability via email. Due to the fact that the email is the only channel of communication the Customer is required to monitor his/her inbox messages for updates from the Company Feedback on the product. The Client is given fourteen (14) days to provide the feedback on the quality of the Product. Upon the 14 days timeline expiration, the Company will release the payment to the Writer at its own discretion, considering the obligations of the Writer as fulfilled and the Product successfully delivered. The Order will be defined as completed and no amendments will be allowed.

Provision of Personal Information

It is mandatory for the Customer to provide valid, accurate and up to date personal and contact information. The Company will contact the Client to clarify Order details and monitor the Product delivery progress. Failure to provide accurate contact information may result in a delay or delivery failure and the Company will not be held accountable in such instances.

Refund Policy

All services and products received from the Website cannot be refunded under any circumstances once they are fully completed. To know more please read our Money Back Guarantee.

Links Disclaimer

The Company does not own, approve, or encourage any other Websites that might be linked to W4Writer. It does not support or fund any content on any other Website apart from this one, hence is not responsible for any of the linked Sites purpose, content or business.


Security or Customer’s Personal Data

The Company undertakes to keep personal information provided by the Clients safe and undisclosed to third parties under any conditions. The Company uses your personal information to adhere to all the requirements needed for successful completion of the given Order, for making our communication better and to improve our service.

The Company takes all necessary measures to secure personal data and assure protected communication between all participants of the working process. The Company commits to store Customer data using secure servers. W4Writer guarantees not to disclose the information about buyers being our Customers to any third parties. No Personal information, contact information or purchase history will ever be made public, resold, or used in any other way but to ensure the Product delivery according to the specifications and within the given timeframe.

Use of Cookies

W4Writer may collect data about the Internet experience by using cookies, statistical data about its visitors and their experience on the Website.

Customer can choose to accept or decline cookies. While many web-browsers accept these files automatically, Client can modify the settings for declining, thus not being able to experience the interactive features of the W4Writer services or Websites he visits.

W4Writer cannot control the cookies provided by a third party.

Company’s Responsibility

W4Writer guarantees timely delivery of the product ordered, ensures its originality and complete correspondence with the Order specifications.

The Company is obliged to fulfill all the policies described in Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Money Back Guarantee.

Liability Restriction

By placing an Order, the Customer agrees that the Company does not hold the responsibility for any misuse of the information provided on and by this Website and is not liable for direct or indirect damage of Client’s computer, software, career, reputation or working/studying process. The Site, its owners, shareholders, sponsors, representatives are not held responsible for any actions the Customer performs with the product after receiving it. The Client releases the Company from any claims, blames or challenges that might be connected with the usage of the Product provided. All Customers are to keep the Company, its affiliations, and reputation harmless and take full responsibility for any actions performed with the received Product.

The Сompany does not tolerate and therefore perform academic dishonesty or fraudulent activity, does not allow nor encourage it either from Customer`s or the Writer’s side. Thus, failing grade, loss of a degree, academic status or scholarships or any other kind of disciplinary actions, by default, cannot be a result of the Product use, provided by the Website.

N.B: W4Writer possesses an absolute authority and rights for changes in the presented terms and conditions at any time if needed. Please, stay tuned in order not to miss any important updates.